Since I came to You gave me Your Hand.
We went to Heaven blessing of baptism,

God's spirit came over me.

We went to Earth Heaven Ladder took the step into the beginning of life.

We have taken many steps along & Many holes repaired.

When mountains have risen up, You sent Your Word & Mountains begin to falter.

A few cries in the ground, Where are you going?

For GOD!

How do you do?

Believe in Him & His name, Pick up a ladder & Hang with'!

We are now in heaven blue in the beautiful summer sun & Looks up at
the height & Down there we do not want to stay!

Each stick removed, is now a challenge & All the eternal blessings of GOD!

I dress myself with
 clothing; one foot in a white cloud & The other foot a blue sky.
Together we get to the next step.

There is a storm & GOD has his Hand under me & Says:

"So fear not! Be & strong You have Me with YOU! Wherever you go, & is walking,
you are safe in My Hand!
So fear not to be cheerful for you have Me with you

Every morning is a GRACE & Hearts in the Glory of Price I

Calvary victory & JESUS MY LORD

which bears all the violence on their shoulders!
H A L L E L U J A H !
The author is Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden
H A L L E L U J A H !
This song is my testimony about my The tren GOD my GOD is BLUE * * *