Jerusalem's heart preserving GOD in your safe hands, hear this song.

Jerusalem's heart preserving GOD in your safe hands, hear this song.
Awakens us a desire to start over, beginning to see Your love in the Holy Land.
Your Greatness and Majesty God, with so many spears leveled at Israel.
Got everything Your word promises to children who are Thine.
While the world hurting and cutting through the earth like a sword battle of a warrior in the Lord.

Get us, be sure and call GOD, GOD we are here in the middle of a battle hands down on JESUS ​​LOVE.
Who you love God and who you do not love GOD?
HALLELUJAH, let your LOVE not stop singing related to Hearts.
Do not prevent Israel to practice the judgment they have come to believe in *
The Honor is your GOD * :) AMEN
Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden