Injustice Judgment on Christians

The Pastors in Sweden are employed in the Pentecostal Church / Free Church and financially supported meaning allow them to practice their own faith then. But what makes me so heavenly angry, all these injustice that these Pastors have exposed me and their great injustice assessments they carry for protection and cover up their own sins they have done against me, because I am a female Preacher that God's Ambassador to the Kingdom of God Anointed Graced by God truth and this Pastes let me not practicing my faith in JESUS in Sweden! This Pastors who curses and providing prohibition go to Church Service  or take Holy Communion of Christians for life time to Earn God who is using Christian is his Servant of the Lord! The women come forward in Sweden are either Pastors wife or relatives, and isolated in familiar Community circuit, even seen Swedish Satanists, magicians in front line, horrible religion this new Babylon! I am borne free and taught with speech and write about things is crazy and totally wrong. Then in school I gained attention writing well, everything artistic! In Swedish schools, you learn to express themselves, but in some Churches require it to "shut up" and an order of Pastors / Church Leaders else ... see otherwise that aims "Jante-Law"!

The Freewoman of The Lord

Ambassadress of Jesus & Angels, Birgit