Your eyes saw my body

  Shalom, God led me to hear the Good News.
I am ostracized in my city of pastors because of ...

They have also sent my child, the message kind of word as; "Can you stop writing a hundred times over, what you have been through,

We know that you have been mistreated, required that you are quiet now"!
I have only spoken three minutes of their Church for nine years and a song in another Church as they are threaded with.

I think, have been quiet for so many, years, right?

There is a Eternity life .....

Mine Testimony Year 2005
Psalm 139:16 Your eyes saw my body:

J show a letter from a Godman -02 to mine Pray leader and the envious he prays the group a disease in mine life, J was started to bleed blood mineral pulmonary and J was going to die ...
read the English language (Same group in the Church have succeeded to give me the business out prohibition to The year 2007 - 2012, Because J did pray to God in one monday-Church-spray-meeting);
The truth sets me FREE * :)
Testimonies of relief from smoking ask http://www.jesuskommer.se/new/pages.php?id=246
Submitted to Jesuskommer.se 2005-05-14


Peace lilies!

I turn to you smokers! Yes, right to you because I have good news for you. "We have a living God!" Smokers have always been a corner, but there is no difference between you and an alcohol problem.
Request requesting - a struggle between life / death.
I write now as it is, but I usually skip the first.
I just think it has started to become important even the first.
-Then said his disciples James and John, "Lord, should we call down fire from heaven to destroy them?" Luke 9:54

I was chased by satanists (Evangelist R Sergio Pray so one of satanists themselves lit the last year-the second death. A heart attack. How the "blessings of Abraham in fact a curse strikes back! Rest of the Satanist-vomit God sent on a tree. It died ... otherwise many Satanists have been dead "NOW!" Last chance for them!) o Jesus led me to a Pentecostal Church, I knew I had God with me, because he had written with fire in heaven for me! Pray Group in Swedish Church was afraid to state anise states would come after them, I had already been there a long time in the foreign part of the Pentecostal Church, I ended up in a growth area and there were people in the Swedish part with., it was the eldest brother, a Swedish, was
prayer leader. My real prayer group was, the foreign part-God later revealed his glory with YES o AMEN!

I had a terrible cough due. smoking. People knew right when I was present due. cough. The leader in bönegruppen got the idea to ask, because I will be so sick that I stop smoking. Within me cried the Noo! WHAT DO YOU DO?
I just shouted the blood of Jesus in my heart, the blood of Jesus.
(As I understand it, so he thought I was a Satanist! Though I had problems with one!
God said that I had shown the letter from the man of God that I was called to, Priest so he show up pure jealousy)

I started bleeding every morning. I spat blood on the sink every morning. I was a loyal customer in the emergency room due. bleeding. Dr. wanted to run a camera down into the lungs, but NO! I believe in GOD, I said! So it went on month after month. I got worse and worse. After work, I stay in the lungs for it was so painful to breathe. (It is documented, bad lungs) When I came home in the afternoon. I lay on the couch o held me. In the end, I could not really fill your lungs with air, so it was short breaths. When I get tired. I asked God, do not you think I'm too young to die? I've passed by satanists, witchcraft and now this. God answered YES!: (In my old Bible found blood marks when böneledaren tried to kill my spirit. Today marks God with blood on my new bible, if someone needs help! Evangelist've seen red marks formed when I read, God touch
on something!)

Suddenly I found myself in the Ark, Peter Youngren was there. Peter showed how to do to Praise God, he said, lifting your hands, Praise Jesus! Then shouted out various diseases. I asked for the lungs, and he said that God has a new pair of lungs! Guess what I cheered, I just lifted their hands without really tried to grab them. Hallelujah! That was the last time I had pain in my lungs.
Not a drop of blood after the Church service!

Though I still smoked two cigarettes. a day, otherwise the 15-20st. for 33 years! I felt it screamed WRONG, WRONG in my body. It was like smoking three packets in the face of God. I said in the kitchen when his hands fumbling for cigarettes. God, there's something wrong with me! My hands have a life of their own, I have no control over them, throw them, I do not want those hands!
I cried to God in despair.

I forgot everything and ended up in a public prayer meeting in the Pentecostal Church. This time, it was unusual. For a long quiet man stood o said that God will cure diseases now. He enumerated various ailments and then a pair of hands! Guess what, I laughed and thought, who should have them? I had forgotten everything what happened in the kitchen. I thought this man was so nice that I must, must only speak a few words. I was last as usual, but happy. He, Dr. Mange Smith looked deep into my eyes and asked me, YOU REALLY WANT TO QUIT SMOKING? Sure, I said, not knowing what it means. You know how people are, simple! He put a hand on chest and the other on the back and Hola `God Champagne tumbled down into me. What I laughed and it was a long, long time continuously.
What a jubilant joy!

Since then, I do not care a damn about cigarette. It does not matter if 10 people smoke straight at my face. It's definitely gone, completely erased the palate, gills, which I have not (it surgically removed by anyone, the parents did not know about it.) Dr just discovered that I do not have tonsils) or "gills" - where cravings are. You smokers recognize now what I'm talking about, right?
God eraser in Jesus name erased away "literally" cigarettes, with their





Honestly, it was good to smoke when I was a smoker. Now the thing so that it's a gap in between me and smoking. I know 1000% that it will never have room in my life! Although I would be forced by violence to taste - it has no more space in my life. Moreover, it is more fun, and tougher without cigarettes. Jesus is Coool ........, he makes me coool without a cigarette. No one but God could this in my life! I got the recipe for 1000kr. "Quit smoking" in the beginning, but http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=DPGKPNNX I chose Jesus IS FREE! God loves even you, Praise Jesus! I love him most!
But whoever has the world's goods, and sees his brother in need, and closes his heart of compassion against him, how does the love of God remainings into heaven?

1 Jn. 3:17
Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will sufferings Persecution.


2 Timothy 3:12
Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior! 

Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit SWEDEN






I´m a Christian Woman Of God.

Amazingly, a lot will have its own faith in GOD!


I’m not much for the models, but more for the freedom to be so affectionately yourself when you Preaching on “JESUS”!

No dictator crazy there, but a simple faith that is in all kinds of weather and winds. Because when I least, think, then think of me as GOD MOST!

This is a day that is so, imagine yourself never to go to a Church that says believe in them Gifts that I wear .... but prohibits them! Strange world I live in and I would always have my own freedom and cherish always about the freedom to GOD.

Hate captivity and nasty people those cowardly and blaming others their actions! Okay, so it looks more & more ... too transparent to us.

This time, I took the journey to the other side of town on important matters.

But this time, I weighed to walk or take transportation home.

The weather was beautiful and sunny so began mine walk. Then I saw a commercial and went to the courtyard and a woman standing there, approached her, she asked me if I have been sent or a clairvoyant! No, you have to be sending, she said!

I asked her if I can Pray for her & I´m a Christian Woman Of God. Suddenly things just came up and I saw, confirming an Angel! Incredibly hard life that this young woman has gone through, and on the way way, I was sent to her. She said she had no idea what she was doing there and I said, same here my intention was to cross the square but, did something that had to change this.

Remind them to be in subjection to rulers and to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, not to be contentious, to be gentle, showing all humility toward all men. Tit. 3:1-2

Although it was very crowded all the time that passed, we noticed not by this, at all! Very important day for this young woman and when Prophetic prayer ended, she wanted too, take my hand. Saw a whole other personality and with hopeful step that she took home. She would seek treatment for their addiction. She said things that said were sending only from God for her, things in life have been confirmed .. She knew what this message means the message from God.

Usually, it’s another drug that use younger and so they seduced into their darkness. In and of themselves so they feel well again, the way that they themselves have gone, I later saw a woman at her side. And I think even that already, Amen and abuse will be a story that she relinquishes for Serving the Lord. God can do what GOD WANTS! Amen, Amen


....When he had come, he greatly helped those who had believed through grace; Ap. 18:27

Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior!


Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in SWEDEN * * *




The Pink CLOUD*

For a one years ago did, J go past a table in the hospital. It was a table who sell pink ribbon to them, who want support the cancer fund. Cancer and such of stuff is not mine thing. The God had heal mine lung several years ago, and so on... Sometimes have God a purpose and sometimes it can be dangerous. Why, must J go in the point of this experience?

This time when the cancer information table was again in the hospital with all this pink ribbon. But, this time J stop and go to the woman with a pink ribbon on her blouse and started to give this woman a testimony ..."Once J had a letter from laboratory experiment about canser and they call me to surgery. But, J did not belief this test. They told me, to come to ultrasound a some kind of TV. And they say, in this screen is cancer. J told them, You must make a complaint about this ultrasound TV. J HAVE NO CANCER! (Send it back to manufacture!!!) But, this head doctor call me back to hospital again. And J started to give him a testimony about, Jesus in mine life. He was as a dry wood. The doctor did give me a surgeon time in hospital. J told him, J do not want to a surgical operation. Doctor say to me, "You have only one year to live!" J told him, we live in 2008 and J believe in God. 2008 should hospital have modern technique do this kind of surgeon. J DO NOT COME! Mine friend Evangelisth Sergio pray and J believe in pray to God. The third time, did doctor give me a telephone call. "J take only out, this cancer meat in Your body so come tomorrow." So J go there this morning and J was not glad. They send this dead meat laboratory experiment and called me, to this doctor. He say, J took out 3 cancer and somehow had this time laboratory experiment a news to You, than at first. Thus 3 is harmless cancer. YES, GOD IS INVOLVED IN THIS MATTER, J HAVE NO CANCER! But, doctor say. "You must go this radiation in one month everyday." You know a red and a green ray and after that You are a brown as a african. At last they scanner top to toe and NO CANCER! AMEN"

Bishop Pastor Casin, Belgium say that God send, him to Sweden the Church to tell me that cancer was not a normal cancer and Pastor Tangata, England, say also what other the said "You have so many many, enemy!" Yes, J know that and The God do protect me against thus enemy but Bishop Pastor Casin said: God say, that YOU HAVE NOT DO ANYTHING WRONG! Yes, J know that to. Pastor Sanroos, Sweden, say once that they lie about me and try to also hurt mine service in The Church! Yes, J know that to. J have a medical certificate strengthen NO lung cancer. The God left only a small memory mark that "J have been a smoker". J have also 3 a piece of cut a´ 5 centimetre as a memory about The Pink CLOUD* and a gift from the cancer fund and J have a medical certificate NO CANCER in mine body*
Once before the dark days come, before J was near to die with lung problem.
Was a Pastor from Finland Kallionpää in Pentacostal Church Westeras, Pastor had asked the God: "Why do she that?"
The God gave a answer to Pastor Kallionpää, Finland and Pentacostal Church in Westeras:
" L O V E "
The God said: "she do that only for, L O V E!"
Pastor kallionpää said, to God she can die and is dangerous.
She did pay a HIGH PRICE!
The God said: "She do that only for, L O V E!"

-Today do this, head doctor believe in the God *

-Because, The God mixed upp The diagnosis *
"J have NO time to DIE!"



....When he had come, he greatly helped those who had believed through grace; Ap. 18:27

Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior!


Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in SWEDEN * * *