Jerusalem's heart preserving GOD in your safe hands, hear this song.

Jerusalem's heart preserving GOD in your safe hands, hear this song.
Awakens us a desire to start over, beginning to see Your love in the Holy Land.
Your Greatness and Majesty God, with so many spears leveled at Israel.
Got everything Your word promises to children who are Thine.
While the world hurting and cutting through the earth like a sword battle of a warrior in the Lord.

Get us, be sure and call GOD, GOD we are here in the middle of a battle hands down on JESUS ​​LOVE.
Who you love God and who you do not love GOD?
HALLELUJAH, let your LOVE not stop singing related to Hearts.
Do not prevent Israel to practice the judgment they have come to believe in *
The Honor is your GOD * :) AMEN
Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden



They want not anyway to live a Christian LIFE which means giving!

Nowadays there. wicked Christians who do not want to give those who earn LORD LORD God of Peace,
for they do not have a relationship with JESUS​​. 

from other Churches and denominations. They spread evil intentions on the Internet and themselves to win a place alongside the others who spread out blame in the Churches.

call themselves the Prophet, Pastor, ambassadors and leaders but are fake and not transferred to the Lord Jehovah.

They think
they are right to be mean completely open and dragging down others in this.

They want
not anyway to live a Christian LIFE which means giving, everything you have and can lose ALL you have in your circuit, the family that I have done!

They give
 false promises of Churches & GOD's Holy Throne Chair go out NOW and preach what Jesus did in Jerusalem, and ALIVE in us in the Eternal GRACE in Baptism we have and forgiveness, but many do not even know who or what the LORD WHERE GOD's WORD IS!

for addicts and others that they use self-support to his own family at the Municipal Tax money. Anyway, they die faster addicts with princess clothes and the spirits bottle in the hand.

Instead of letting professional in substance abuse unit or the City of Mission Christian experienced in the way out of addiction!
Instead, they fatten Pastors family stomach with addicts Tax assessment money!

Now in a Genuine CHURCH where GOD'S but beware, 
lucky look and hypocrites! WARNING YOU!
Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden


Her son died only 17 years old, while she died in him.

I want to pray for a friend for 33 years.

I want to pray for a friend for 33 years.

Her son died only 17 years old, while she died inside her in him.
Mother and son did living next to the wall with the Apostle to the Free Church here.
I have take her out, rented a car so we traveled to the countryside.

We have been seeing, we also go to the graves give a rose to her son and my little brother who was found dead in his yard year 2011 Oct. My little brother died, strange death!

And though before I was shot, two shots, shot behind my back as they drove past me the shots the way home after a Sunday service in the Canada Free Church. Before long correctly until my little brother was found dead!

I told my little brother to move to where I live, but he said you were almost killed by a gun man. Safer to live in the Cottage! What if he had listened to me, he was alive today. Great sadness in me, GOD why?

It has been a nightmare for her, tried to open some blinds so she can see the light come back. This woman is beaten down and crushed. Caused the disease, but forced to work full, time 8 hours/day, like he was with a broken spine back in two places when he fell from the ceiling. We pray here in Streaming faith but he did die after one year I think it was?

Of course he died, who can work 8 hours/day with a broken spine back in two places?
Difficult mineself with little brother, people have taken things from the yard, and broken inside the roof wait to dump the price of the sale.

Great sadness, and my thoughts are with Jesus. When they shared the fate of his clothes and was not content even with it, tore the Lord deep within the skin and the mind.

Expensive blood ran as a power for us who have been so beaten and weak that we can do more. The power of God and hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Do you see the cross that still stands firmly behind, you will see the Lord Jesus Christ he that takes one by one on their hands and he be our home, Lord, Mercy, Compassion and Mercy lasts Forever.

Although the final acid wine droplets in the Church, was the Lord’s mouth,
we are borne back home.

The power that raised up the Lord with the Revelation of Faith Power of Gift that devil death can not defeat or keep us or all face of wicked men, AMEN

Ambassadress of Jesus, Birgit in Sweden