Incredible great sorrow


Incredible great sorrow such men sitting in Church leadership places, horrible!


    Ambassadress of Jesus & Angel*


    “Will never make it here!”
    In God’s eyes if a man has sexual act with a woman, 
    it’s marriage with her and must not be interrupted!


    there are men who changes women as often as their shirts and pretend that it’s OK, with GOD!


    Sorry, you are NOT a true Christian man BUT more a Musilm the Kingdom of God!
    Christian Spirit is NOT the same as Muslim Spirit, and we do NOT even have the same GOD!


    When I was in high school there was a student who was 16 years old in my class and she married a man who was 42 years old! Difference actually they were married and she was 16 years old then! She affirmed her love for him.


    Will Never operate to understand me at a Church man walking on sexual minors girls! A Church you should at least have had a God, least we can demand of a Church right?


    Most tragic such profane Churches leaders can sit and breed forever in the Church, of course, they want well never any Real Anointed Servants sets foot there, but our Government has begun in Parliament to investigate all kinds of abuse on young youth and I think it’s actually that is a answers my Prayer, and God is involved in it today! 




    Acquitted of rape in the Free Church
    Linköping / TT

    A man previously convicted of rape of a child in a free church in Ostergotland acquitted on appeal. Gota Court of Appeal considers that it is not proven beyond reasonable doubt that the girl was under 15 when she and the accused had sex in the church hall, the newspaper said Day.

    The events that the man charged with occurred in 2005-2006. He has acknowledged the incident but claimed that the girl at all times and were over 15 years.
    Reporter by VLT.SE



    Follow peace with all men, 

    and holiness, 

    without which no man shall see the Lord:

    Heb. 12:14


    Ambassadress in Kingdom of God!


Waiting to see..........


Waiting to see, there will be an answer by God or not?

  1. *Ambassadress of Jesus & Angel*


    Some need to be House-trained at Church too much dust bunnies on each corner.
    It is often the case that God is looking for us up to have their relationship are present.  God is enthroned in the Heart Chamber with Amen, Amen ABBA Father it is finished! Jesus in Calvary did cause the blood to flow from the beginning until rolled up will be paid the price of each man with heart and Breathe in faith in the Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ.


    An attempt to scan the Angel closer as I photographed face on, so it goes directly to nothingness! For nothing is born to sit in a hard hand. Everything created in oneness with God even every leaf motion motion to God. Solar rays of joy for God, the tree would live out their love. There is nothing but love and you ask God: “God are You? Believe you me, here I am today! “



    Waiting to see, there will be an answer or not?


    We can ask the question, but it is God who sends his Angels and gives order to the universe gives you a jump, a belief that we received as a gift of God. God consecrated their tent pegs for give you the freedom to be themselves without a disguised as something else, as it is not capable of being and, as always, yet still so amazingly criticized. His faithful I, is best for one’s self. Therefore had to be the man is even met Jesus in his life, even if it is not understood by others but God knows everything.




    Thought about my cat.


    Always got to be at home or switched out, but now I have released the cat to freedom. So marvelous that the cat is going home to go to his own cat toilet!! The cat appreciates so much freedom, it is also housetrained in freedom. When cat it lived in captivity, controlled so ended even to eat, just slept and slept and slept. Now out all day long, at night to the inside and watching with quizzical look ... do you think cat manner life still is Okay.


    No, the father has never forced us to any corner or as a slave for receiving God’s love back. After all, everything is free for God who created everything but money. Our God.
    The cat is fine example of to let the God created be itself as it is and live happily in their freedom, housebroken yet and know what is the correct setting. There are those who don’t want to see others happy. They cannot understand the word, freedom is created by God. It pulls with it blessings and capacity for creativity and loving embrace. I believe that God uses all his powers to do anything more than ordinary can accomplish. Well, that is Perfect.


    We can ask the question, but we do not reach so that God allows broadcasting their Angels and gives order to the universe, a hope, a faith that we received as a gift of God. God consecrated their tent pegs to give freedom to be itself without a disguised as something that it is not capable of and as always is so amazingly criticized. His faithful I, is best for a reason you had to be the man is even met Jesus in his life.

    Ambassadress of Jesus & Angels, Sweden




Jesus-acute Pray meetning.

God morning Jesus-acute Pray meetning.



Started out with the sole guest was a beetle.
First meeting when I cried out to God.
Went beetle right through the floor from the door towards of the Salon window.

Next meeting when I cried out to God.
Went beetle right through the Wall to wall. Beetle every single guest in the Church and on the third day I realized that this beetle was going a cross-walk!

I tried to come at seven o'clock every morning.

One morning I hurried to the church which was next door to the Bank. 
I saw two young men sitting in the gateway to the town church. 
God said, "Do not bypass, and without talking about ME!" 

I said to these polite young men.
Excuse me, but I have something really important to say to you! 

Last, when I walked past a young man in the era of age but he did not listen to me. 

Three times tried to God save the man's life and he was only, 22 years old when he die. 


What I have to say, "There you are doing is not good " 
Eventually it becomes so that you lose everything, and even friends
but I have one, a friend who is true and eternal!

The friend will, never, never, never leave you!  
The friend called Jesus the Son of God! 


When all betrayed me & was false to me, so God arranged a friend of mine. 
And the buddy's turn not to me it is a Gift from God.

And I shall, whistling at mine buddy and I began to whistle against a clear blue summer sky. I whistled against the sky.
From the sky a bird came to us and flew in circles above us!


It flew around and around and whistled at us his melody seagull!
These young men's eyes were as big as ping pong balls!

The bird obeyed me and I told these young men.
Once you have burned all their options, so only God remains.
I have something important to tell you!

The bird obeyed me and I told these young men.
Once you have burned all their options, so only God remains.
I have something important to tell you!
There was once a man named Nicky Cruz.

A one street of boy who lived on the streets life and crime.

One day, he hit a person, as you two do NOW!
A man of God but I am a Woman of God.
Nicki Cruz told that the man of God said, "Jesus loves you!" 
and I say the same thing to you: "Jesus loves you!"
Nicki Cruz said then, if you say it one more time I'll cut you into little pieces with the knife!
When the answer of Godman to him the small pieces of meat will tell you! "JESUS LOVES YOU!"
 to end the power of God with love took Nicki Cruz received Jesus into his best friend! The road was not easyand his dad work with black art. His mother was dying. He turned to, decent Christians who came home to his mother and asked ... God extended her life there by 10 years. Today, this street guy one of the world's greatest man of God evangelize about JESUS!


As I mentioned to him about, Christopher Alam a man who was in our town.
Phone rang at one young man. I knew 100% God saw that I was alone with this other young man.
And J told him that Christopher Alam was unbeliver in Jesus but Love God.
One day, just as Jesus walked into his life and today is one of the greatest man of God to evangelize for Jesus!
But it was not an easy road but one day, 
Christopher Alam was invited to a Catholic Church in Poland.
The church was a small eight year old girl in a wagon and she was like the crowd was completely crumpled packet.
Christopher Alam started talking about Jesus as the girl heard the word!
All of a sudden it started to creak at the temple, crack, crack ...

The girl sat in the back of the church and suddenly the girl started to run to the Altars! He was so scared Christopher Alam hid under the table and shook the Altar.
Christopher Alam was so, afraid that he has seen GOD!
But God told, he "Come out!"
Christopher Alam looked up and all the people, Praising God and faith in God for real.

The two young men pray for confession the sin with me and Salvation Pray & it was a prayer to God to be God in their lifes! God is so awe some our God.

These young men felt a strong power of God! Amen Amen
I said, 'You have received Jesus the Son of God as an everlasting friend, will never disappoint you!" It was reached years ago ... 


When a her lover R Sergio C C and lefted me.
I got not only beaten in the church, also fiance broke up with me because also of cancer.

God saw at me and even gave a wild bird to my friends! Jesus told you, once again, "I'll show you which ones are mine and not!"

I laugh, so much. I whistled for my bird. It flew with joy in heaven, around, around and around as if it had a caress from God. A Joyous joy to see me. Think about the joy of your existence?
It feels great, a counterweight to those who are jealous of the Church against me and try to destroy my reputation in town but I have been here almost whole my life. A Priests call me "St. Bridget" her successor with respect

"You could say thus Free Church here the Pastors contrast who lies like a horse trotting about me."
So God sent "a Evangelist Bird" for me to Evangelize about JESUS and to talk about Jesus the Son! World Praise not the Lord in mine life, but I do it and the bird flies to this day 2010 over my yard in circles to see if I'm home! These profane Church leaders tried to make a new creation with all their poison arrows of jealousy namely a hedgehog! GOD BLESS YOU! 






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The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.Ps 34:7 Ambassadress of Jesus & Angel, Birgit
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