Pastes Mafia Cartel in Sweden



Call the Watchers – Maud-Marie Lönnberg
Call the guards!
We are facing a serious spiritual attack in our country. We are becoming surrounded by spiritual forces and the result will be a strong persecution of the sheep who follow their shepherd, Jesus Christ the Son of God
These forces will attack and try to nip in the bid any attempt to pursue that which comes from the Lord and that you received. You will be attacked by your Christian brothers and sisters, persecuted by false teachers and ”purchased” preachers.

You will be met with arguments to the external reference to Scripture, while in reality it is to kill you (spiritually) and to be enslaved and turn to other gods in the form of an apostate leadership, to put a man on God’s place. You will lose your ability to discriminate and suffer from confusion.You will also be tackled ”at the dinner table” that is, through teaching, false teaching by false and charismatic leader.

It will lead to schisms and divisions amongst your friends and within the churches. You are going in teaching will be referred to the curse and so as not to salvation, condition, significance and promise. It will be called a new movement.Warriors stand up! Beware! Pray for your country and your people! The attack comes through their ranks – not from outside! Maude-Marie www.BED.nu

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